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Bisq monero

Oct 26, - , BTC, , XMR. Oct 26, - ​, EUR, , EUR. Oct 26, - , Based on proposal inform-cryptocurrency-re.site this is an experimental repository of a deeper Monero wallet integration.

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If you still have questions, see this guide on the Monero home page or ask a question on the Monero support bisq monero. Auto-confirming trades Auto-confirming trades verify receipt of XMR payment automatically. Typically, XMR buyers must check their wallet and manually mark a payment as received in Bisq monero.

Auto-confirming trades do this automatically, making trades quicker and more efficient for both traders. The XMR seller can choose to enter this information, or not. The trader can choose to enter this information, or not. It is not mandatory. If the trader chooses bisq monero to, they'll be informed that bisq monero trading peer will not be able to use auto-confirm.

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Auto-confirm status on the trade screen. In this particular instance, the XMR seller didn't specify the information needed for auto-confirm to work. Explorer nodes are queried bisq monero 90 seconds for 12 bsv price prediction. If 12 hours pass without success, auto-confirm fails for the trade.

If Bisq monero receives just 1 failure of any kind related to bisq monero, network issues, etcauto-confirm bisq monero considered failed. This does not mean the XMR transaction was invalid.

It just means the user should check bisq monero transaction manually.

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The user can mark the transaction as received any time by clicking Confirm Payment Receipt themselves, and auto-confirm will bisq monero running bisq monero that trade and the trade will be completed normally.

Bisq monero mediation or arbitration is open for a trade, auto-confirm will not confirm the trade. Settings On the Bisq settings screen, you can set: Maximum amount of BTC that can be confirmed per trade default: 1 BTC Monero Explorer node address default: nodes run by Bisq contributors; see below for how to run bisq monero own Number bisq monero required confirmations default: 5 Please note that changes to these read more are applied immediately only for trades for which payment hasn't been started yet.

How to Complete a Trade on Bisq

Restart Bisq monero for updated settings to apply to all bisq monero. Changing the required number of confirmations is an exception: it takes effect bisq monero for all trades. Disabling the auto-confirm feature altogether also takes effect immediately. But re-enabling the feature will only take effect on trades for which payment hasn't been started yet; restart Bisq for the auto-update feature to apply to all trades.

Monero Integration into Bisq

Monero Explorer bisq monero By default, the Bisq auto-confirm feature relies on a few Monero Explorers operated by Bisq contributorsbut we highly recommend you to bisq monero your own Monero Explorer node bisq monero home.

Don't trust, verify! Set up your own node For maximum privacy and security, users are recommended to run their own Monero Explorer node for bisq monero true wallet 2019 hack bisq monero funds.

Build Monero from source. Check out this guide for further bisq monero. Ubuntu

How to buy Monero anonymously using Bisq

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