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Bitmex stop loss not working

bitmex stop loss not workinginform-cryptocurrency-re.site › app › orderTypeFAQ. A bid of 10 contracts will be placed in the market with a Limit Price of Stop Orders. A Stop Order is an order that does not enter the order book until the market.

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Modify the position size by selling or buying contracts. The bot doesn't take funding into consideration At all in all cases. The taker fees are used in the Take Profit price bitmex stop loss not working When the bot calculates the price of closing order, it uses 0. When a base or safety order fills, and the Take profit order itself, bitmex stop loss not working bot will use real paid fee.

If you get a rebate instead of fees, the bot will include it into calculations without a problem. Canceling, switching bitmex stop loss not working adding funds manually is not available You only can close the deal at market rate.

Add fund button will be available in the future.

Bitmex stop loss not working

The profit currency can be only in the quote currency as there is no USD balance. Volume limit doesn't work. Liquidated, the new deal status It means the BitMEX engine liquidated the position, and all its margin lost.

BitMEX: intro to bots

The bot bitmex stop loss not working more info bitmex stop loss not working in cases when you manually close the position using the exchange interface.

If you decreased the size of bot's positions, the bot will be unable to close the deal. In that case, the status will be liquidated too. If you increased the size, then the bot will close the position only domains dns hosting. Leverage should be configured using the bot https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/2019/bitcoin-mcafee-2019.html There are three options.

Not specified - the bot uses the leverage that is active on the BitMEX itself. We don't recommend using it as the exchange bitmex stop loss not working it to default values regularly. Cross - as on the exchange itself, bitmex stop loss not working position uses all available funds.

Foul play at BitMEX? Exploring the biggest concerns

The leverage dynamically adjusts to the position size. Custom - you set the leverage bitmex stop loss not working want to use.

Values over 50 should be entered article source into the number field.

The bot sets leverage before every deal. Changing the setting doesn't bitmex stop loss not working active deals. When you use the cross or custom leverage, don't change it on the exchange itself when bitmex stop loss not working bot is waiting https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/2019/opacity-io.html a signal to start.

Bitmex Ultimate Guide. Part 1/3

Setting the leverage and placing a base order bitmex stop loss not working two separate requests.

If you change the leverage between them, the bot opens the position with the latest set leverage, and not with configured in its settings. The bot can't place safety orders after the liquidation price The exchange doesn't allow to do it, even if you have free funds of the deal margin.

Also, Stop Loss can't be after the liquidation price. The bot https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/2019/roblox-doge-figure.html start a new deal if there is already an opened position Before every new deal, the bot checks if there is an opened position.

Bitmex stop loss not working

If it found an active position for the same pair as for the deal, it won't open it. All closing orders are "Reduce-Only" The bot uses reduce-only option to prevent unnecessary positions in case of problems. A reduce-only order allows only decrease the position size.

Bitmex stop loss not working

When you use trailing in the bot, and the price reaches configured profit level, the system places native trailing order on BitMEX directly. After that, the deal is processing fully by BitMEX system.

Bitmex stop loss not working

It works the same way as tailing orders on 3Commas. TSL can be in active and passive modes. It starts as https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/2019/monero-hard-fork-october-2019.html when the price and TSL levels are updated by our system.

How to use a TRAILING STOPLOSS on Bitmex

In active mode, there is a native trailing order on BitMEX; TSL won't activate if its price is after liquidation price; When you use trailing for both Take Profit and Stop Loss, only one of them can ba active at the moment.

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