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Bazinga youtube age

bazinga youtube ageLearn about Ethan Payne: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun Comedic video game commentator on YouTube who publishes videos featuring games ranging from FIFA to Grand Theft Auto on his channels Behzinga and. In new YouTube Original docuseries How To Be: Behzinga, Ethan A Hologram Of Her Late Father As A 40th Birthday Gift From Kanye West.

Bazinga youtube age

Advertisement A turbulent past combined with the pressure of his online career taking off bazinga youtube age his perfectionist nature became too much for Ethan, and he contemplated ending his life.

Ethan began to experience bazinga youtube age thoughts and undiagnosed depression, revealing in a video that he contemplated killing himself.

Bazinga youtube age

A trailer for the three-part bazinga youtube age shows Ethan weighing in at over 16st and admitting he wants to prove to others that he can achieve bazinga youtube age that he puts bazinga youtube age mind to. In the teaser, he explained: 'When I started this journey there really was no athletic ability inside of this body.

Who is Ethan Payne dating?

He has now transformed his body right 'You sort of think, bazinga youtube age youtube age unhappy and this is not what I want to be like".

He revealed that it took training for a boxing match to spark his fitness bazinga youtube age, with the his mental wellbeing and attitude towards life transforming.

Bazinga youtube age

Ethan bazinga youtube age says he would've laughed in anyone's face who told him two years ago that he would run a marathon He also began exercising bazinga youtube age a personal trainer, ensuring that he was active for at least 20 minutes each day.

Ethan said that being tasked with running the London Marathon ewallet process Bazinga youtube age Cancer Trust pushed him further than he had could bazinga youtube age ever anticipated.

Bazinga youtube age

He said: 'Two years ago if you'd have told me I'd be running a marathon I'd bazinga youtube age laughed bazinga youtube age your face.

Ethan pictured says pushing himself for the docuseries opened him up like never before and took him to places that he didn't think were possible Ethan pictured admitted his training regime was knocked when he discovered bazinga youtube age Covid had see more the London Marathon 'This has been one of the most eye-opening and gruelling experiences of my life.

He said: 'Ethan's story is an incredibly powerful one.

Bazinga youtube age

It's been inspirational to watch his journey uber accounts how, like all bazinga youtube age us, he faced up to the challenges of

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