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Chiark greenend puzzle

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games. External Resources: Homepage [inform-cryptocurrency-re.site]. inform-cryptocurrency-re.site~sgtatham/puzzles/inform-cryptocurrency-re.site (the file name shows the version on download); ↑ The "Licence" section of the collection's.

From: Chiark greenend puzzle States Status: offline A here time ago someone posted a link on here related to a different puzzle they wanted to see added to your site.

I chiark greenend puzzle that link and discovered a site with a lot of different types of puzzles on it, many of which were similar to puzzles offered here.

For example, Conceptis' interface includes chiark greenend puzzle ability to check your current progress, which is a great benefit if you simply want to know whether you've made a mistake without having to see the entire solution.

App Preview:

That said, there are many puzzles on that site which Conceptis doesn't have an equivalent of. Some of chiark chiark greenend puzzle puzzle would be nice to see added here.

Even the puzzles that do have equivalents here sometimes have additional variety there which is missing chiark greenend puzzle. In particular On that site, chiark greenend puzzle is a puzzle type named Loopy, which is identical in concept to the Slitherlink puzzles found chiark greenend puzzle.

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

Their version of Click has options for many different shapes and configurations. Not just a rectangular grid, but triangular, hexagonal and many mixed shape configurations.

Slitherlink, with it's rectangular grid, is a good chiark greenend puzzle. Loopy, with these other configurations, introduces much more chiark greenend puzzle and requires finding new logic patterns in order to chiark greenend puzzle them. I would really love to see you chiark greenend puzzle at least some of these as alternate shape Slitherlink puzzles similar to how chiark greenend puzzle have alternate style Sudoku puzzles.

Please consider expanding Slitherlink to include some of these from time to time.

Simon Tatham Portable Puzzle Collection beta 1

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