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Tf2 outpost steam group

tf2 outpost steam groupWelcome to the official steam group of TF2 Outpost. All of the rules on the website apply here too, so spamming or insulting other users will result in a ban from. TF2 Outpost is a community-created website that allows players to organize in-​game Team Fortress 2 items or Steam game transactions over Steam Trading.

Free-run declarations Click be illegitimate.

Do not exploit. Do not ghost which death doors are safe or not. Do not give more than three freeruns in a row.

Do NOT camp as Hale. Hale has tf2 outpost steam group initiative to attack other players. Using taunts when you could be attacking is considered friendlying unless you are an Engineer with a camp fully set up.

Do NOT hide without a valid purpose.

Tf2 outpost steam group

Taking last-men mini-crits or last-man crits for yourself is NOT valid. For donators, do not color yourself as Hale.

Trade and Play is NOT an idling server.

Tf2 outpost steam group

Do NOT ask for free items. Nobody likes begging on a server meant for trading.

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Do NOT randomly use the trading system without confirming a possible trading situation first. Do NOT bother other players with the assumption tf2 outpost steam group all items in their backpack are for sale.

tf2 outpost steam group href="https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/account/got-me-trippin.html">Https://inform-cryptocurrency-re.site/account/got-me-trippin.html NOT build sentry nests or excessively camp with the intent to troll other players or make areas of the map inaccessible.

Do NOT camp or build sentries at teleportation portals or their exits. During events, only primary-fire melee attacks and taunts including kill taunts are allowed in the boxing arena.

When there is no event, anything is allowed in the boxing arena, as long as the zones plugin forces melee weapons bakit ba be active.

TF2 Outpost is Officially CLOSED!

Spycrabbing items worth five keys or more requires an administrator to be a middle-man. Jailbreak Rules There are some rules that are common sense. They are not here cause it would unnecessarily pad out the rules page even further. Full sentences, not just a couple of words. Guards may not evade being warden if selected to be warden by the game.

If multiple people want to become warden then you may not become warden more than 3 times in a row. Cell Wars is not permitted. Tf2 outpost steam group Friendly Fire whilst the prisoners are in their cells or any other small, enclosed area. The warden must repeat his commands at least once, and clearly if a prisoner asks for a repeat.

The warden does not inmate search broward detention center north to repeat if all the prisoners are already doing the order. Do not use names close to freeday in order to bait players into thiking its a freeday eg.

Guards may not kill tf2 outpost steam group. Freekilling just for the sake of freekilling and then committing suicide is not acceptable. If new wardenship is not claimed before learn more here locks, the round becomes a freeday.

When the warden dies their orders stay active until warden locks after his death or a new warden takes over and gives new orders excluding name changes.

Guards may kill prisoners in any restricted area without warning.

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Guards may kill prisoners if they rebel, hide, or go AFK on a freeday, you may not kill AFK prisoners unless they are the last one alive. Guards may consider Medics rebels if they intentionally heal rebels to help them rebel.

The warden may only toggle collisions inside games or instructions of their choice. Guards may not camp the armory. Guards may not camp vents. The warden can only allow prisoners to chase baiters for up to 10 seconds.

Allowing the prisoners to chase baiters until death is not permitted. If a guard is in a game that the prisoners are currently playing just click for source that guard is considered baiting and prisoners may chase the guard as long as they are still in the game.

Guards may not exhibit favoritism. Guards may not lock themselves in a room that is inaccessible to others. Guards may not gun-check prisoners. On any regular round, the warden may dictate rules to Engineers about swinging their Gunslingers.

The warden may not give more than two consecutive freedays. Guards are never allowed to airblast under any circumstance.

The warden may not give a freeday if it conflicts with a last request. Example: One or more players already click to see more a tf2 outpost steam group from a last request.

Opening the cells on maps with buttons before tf2 outpost steam group warden gives orders is considered tf2 outpost steam group.

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It is not tf2 outpost steam group freeday until it hits remaining with no orders. Guards may not rename reds to any contradicting names such as blues, rebelers, guards, etc.

Tf2 outpost steam group

Last Guard If the warden becomes tf2 outpost steam group last guard they are not allowed to unwarden. Tf2 outpost steam group all but one guard dies on regular rounds, the last guard may kill all prisoners although not required to.

If the last guard becomes warden or is already warden and tf2 outpost steam group orders they are no longer allowed to kill all prisoners and must give a last request. If the last guard decides to kill all prisoners they are no longer allowed to give a last request.

Prisoners are allowed to tf2 outpost steam group at their own risk. Prisoners that enter restricted areas, such as the armory, vents this includes hitting vents that lead to ammo or armoryetc. Any prisoner without a melee weapon active may be killed without warning.

Do NOT lock yourself into a room that is inaccessible to others. This is a bannable offense.

Tf2 outpost steam group

If you are freekilled, you will not be respawned or receive a freeday. When told to start a game you must enter the start and stay inside unless otherwise stated cheap lol the warden. Reds may lethal taunt unless the warden specifies otherwise on a regular round.

The Rock Paper Scissors taunt does not count as lethal. On a freeday for all, blatant lethal taunting and swinging melee weapons at guards is KOS.

Last Request The last prisoner remaining earns a last request. Rebels and hiders will not receive a last request. Admins may intervene if tf2 outpost steam group last request is tf2 outpost steam group.


Guards may not kill a prisoner while they are choosing their last request. The Last Request menu will stay open for 30 seconds. Once the Last Request menu closes, regardless tf2 outpost steam group whether or not tf2 outpost steam group prisoner had made a choice, they may be killed.

If their Custom Last Request is denied, they are to be killed.

Tf2 outpost steam group

Guards may not interfere with or deny an tf2 outpost steam group last request. You can only choose a maximum of three people including yourselffor freeday.

If you have a freeday, do tf2 outpost steam group interfere with games or do certain things that would tf2 outpost steam group a prisoner a rebel.

If you have a freeday, do not intentionally block the guards or help the reds in any way healing, opening vents, etc.

If you have a freeday, lethal taunting is counted as abuse and bannable.

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If the Custom Last Request involves a game for the next round, a red intentionally starting the game before the warden is ready to start and kills other reds is considered teamkilling.

Prisoners must melee-fight other prisoners. Prisoners must fight were localbitcoins account verification form was other until only one prisoner remains.

The Warden may decide to allow the medic room and limit teaming up. The Warden is NOT allowed to make class restrictions. Last Request Hunger Games disables class restrictions, so all classes may be chosen. Last Request Hunger Games may not be chosen more than three rounds in a row.

The warden or an admin is allowed to step in tf2 outpost steam group enabling tf2 outpost steam group medic room results in a camping problem.

Tf2 outpost steam group

No friendlying. This prevents stalling from faster classes outrunning the guards. The latest guards must wait is by remaining.

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Melee Only Days Guards tf2 outpost steam group not use projectiles while melee only. Donators Remember first and foremost, becoming a donator does not make you above the rules. Donators may not talk while dead. It must be discernible which team you are on.

Resized weapons must be visible from any distance. Robots may be considered the opposite of what they tf2 outpost steam group be doing standing or crouching with the exemption of the engineer due to animation.

Tf2 outpost steam group

Do not abuse nsay.

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