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Vultr ubuntu login

vultr ubuntu loginNote: It is recommended to use a unique username that will be difficult to guess. Most bots will default to try root, admin, moderator, and. Contact. Have questions? Reach out to us. Log in 路 Sign up 路 Log In 路 Sign Up 路 Categories 路 Linux Guides; Use an SSH Key with Non-root Users.

Get a Ubuntu Server Configured on Vultr

After creating an account and navigating to the Vultr Control Manager, click on the Deploy tab. Leave the server type on Compute Instances and vultr ubuntu login a location: Next select the Operating System from the list available.

Vultr ubuntu login

We have selected Ubuntu For the Server Size you can pick a size that is appropriate for you but Grav will run great on any of them. You can choose any optional features you would like, and then provide a simple Vultr ubuntu login Label to identify the VPS instance.

We'll use Vultr ubuntu login.

Vultr ubuntu login

Then click Place Order to create and install vultr ubuntu login server. After a minute or so, your server should vultr ubuntu login ready and you can click the manage link next vultr ubuntu login your server in the list to get the server details.

Vultr ubuntu login

On this page you will be shown a control panel for the server that lets link control the state, along with the initial root username and password.

You can vultr ubuntu login SSH via the command provided in this tab vultr ubuntu login the password you entered when you created the distribution vultr ubuntu login.

Vultr ubuntu login

Public key authentication is recommended, and Vultur vultr ubuntu login SSH public key authentication documentation that walks you through the steps required. That way you can more easily SSH to your server with ssh root vultr.

Myvultr Login

After successfully SSH'ing to your server as root, the first thing you will want to do is update and vultr ubuntu login all the installed packages. This will ensure you are running the latest-and-greatest: apt update apt upgrade Just answer Y if prompted.

Vultr ubuntu login

But better safe than sorry! Next you will want to install some essential packages: apt install vim zip unzip nginx git php-fpm php-cli php-gd php-curl php-mbstring php-xml php-zip php-apcu This vultr ubuntu login install the complete Vultr ubuntu login editor rather vultr ubuntu login the mini version that ships with UbuntuNginx web server, GIT commands, and PHP 7.

Vultr ubuntu login

Configure PHP7. This will be commented out by default and set to '1'.

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This is an extremely insecure setting because it tells PHP to attempt to vultr ubuntu login ubuntu login the closest file it can find if the requested PHP file cannot be found. This basically would allow users to craft PHP requests in vultr ubuntu login way that would allow them to execute scripts that they shouldn't be allowed to execute.

How to Set Up Nginx on a Ubuntu Server with Vultr

Uncomment this line and change '1' vultr ubuntu login '0' so it looks like this cgi. This will ensure you are secure and avoid any potential file permissions when working on the files as your user account, and via the web server.

Vultr ubuntu login

Save and exit this file. We need to create the dedicated grav user now: adduser grav Provide a strong password, and leave vultr ubuntu login vultr ubuntu login values as default.

Now we vultr ubuntu login need to link this file appropriately so that it's enabled: cd. It should return the vultr ubuntu login.

Vultr ubuntu login

Installing Grav This is the easy part! Vultr ubuntu login we need to jump back over to the Grav user, so either SSH as grav vultr.

Vultr ubuntu login

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